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Board List 2014-2015

Anne SJ
Executive Director - BA in Multidisciplinary

BA in Multidisciplinary
Working at Boston Public Schools
Employed by the State of MA – Psychiatric councilor

"Your greatest test is when you are able to Bless Someone Else while you are going through Your Own Storm!"

Al Hassan Bangura
Board Member - Mental Health counselor, Psychiatric Unit @ the Shattuck Hospital-

Together we will make a big difference! That is the core value of our group that brought us together. It’s time we show the world what that difference is and show how meaningful those words can be.

Touloute Maxelan
Board President

My vision at the Compassionate Care Center is to work together with the staff to bring hope to people in need and to make a difference in their lives.

Felicia Fields

Working at Boston Public Schools

The plan is to raise money for the program. With financial assistance, we will be able to help more families in need.

Jan Rowe
Board Member - RN BS psychiatric unit @ Shattuck Hospital

BS in Education
RN BS psychiatric unit @ Shattuck Hospital

Amid the high poverty count in this country, people need to know that leading a healthy lifestyle is still possible. We can and will show them a healthy way to live.

Manuel Pires-Dunaiss
Board Member - New England Sarau/President and Founder

God has blessed us with our children and our families. It’s time now to give back to him by helping others in need and contribute what we have to the people that need it the most.

Marie Fallieres Bernier
Board Member - MA in Science Education

MA in Science Education
MA in Educational leadership

God gives you two hands: one to give and one to receive
Billy Graham

As you grow older you discover that you have two hands: one to help yourself and the other one to help others
Aubrey Hepburn

Mireille Pierre-Louis

Employed by Boston Public School

"It has always been my dream to work with people in need and use my skills to help and provide them with a brighter future." 

About Us

Compassionate Care Center (CCC) formerly Open Arms Foundation is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to work with families by assisting them in building a second chance in life. We will provide food, clothing and shelter for families depending on the specific needs of individual families. We are willing to help all families regardless of their age, race or color. We will offer intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional support (including substance abuse and depression counseling).


  • 32 Prairie Street,
       Boston, Massachusetts 02126
  • Phone: +1 857-266-5483
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